The reference number of each product identifies each document, specification, drawing or else, referring to that product; short description and the production range is given.


01 - Silica Gel Breathers Series E800
Before getting in contact with the insulating oil ambient air should be dried to preserve the insulating properties of the oil. Silica Gel Breathers are designed for this function. Series E800 ranges from 0,5 to 20 kg. of silica gel charge.


03 - Desiccating Oven Type ST20
Drying it with heated air can regenerate Silica Gel used in breathers; the desiccating oven type ST20 serves this purpose.

   04 - Buchholz relays Series RR, RRF, GQ
Buchholz relays detect incipient faults in the transformer and contribute to preserve it form major damage should a short circuit occur. Thanks to their very advanced design, ETI Buchholz relays offer an uncommonly wide range of wiring diagrams, features, functions and accessories. They comply with most international standards. 

Buchholz relay accessories


07 - Ground level gas receiver Type RAGA B


08 - Ground level contacts test control unit Type CCC


09 - Gas examination device EG5


06 - Conservator oil check valves DAROC Series DS and EDSR
Conservator oil check valves avoid that the conservator oil is lost should a leak in the transformer tank occur, thus reducing fire danger and preserving the ambient from pollution.


10 - Pressure relief valves Series VS and VST
Should an overpressure occur in the tank, the pressure relief valves Series VS and VST release the oil thus reducing preserving the tank or the internal parts from damage. Available with nominal diameters 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm and pressure ratings from 0,3 bars to 2,5 bars.


11 - Oil level gauges Series IL
They show the oil level in the conservator and can have up to 4 contacts for minimum, maximum or intermediary levels. Many different types are available to fit any type of conservator layout.


12 - Oil and water flow indicators Series CCL2 and SCFR2
Designed for transformers cooled by cooling units with pumps, flow indicators show visually and by means of contacts if the pumps are working correctly; for use on the oil or on the water loop.


13 - Air flow indicators Type SPA2
Also designed for transformers cooled by cooling units, airflow indicators show that the cooling fans are operating correctly.


15 - Terminal boxes Series SM2
Any type of low voltage and current signal that needs to be brought out of the transformer tank requires an insulated, oil tight electric connection. Terminal boxes Series SM2 are designed for this use. Four dimensions are available with up to 57 terminals per box.


16 - Butterfly valves Series U
On oil insulated and cooled transformers several equipments may require to be repaired or changed without having to empty the tank; for this purpose butterfly valves have to be interposed. Butterfly valves Series U offer a wide range of types from 25 to 300 mm nominal diameter that should cover all needs.

Machining of special parts
Our machining workshop offers modern NC machines to manufacture any part on customer's design in small series or as unique piece.